Dubié is a footwear label founded in 2012 by Agustina Dubié that aims to infuse sophistication and elegance into elements of athletic footwear and streetwear. A Central Saint Martins and Nicholas Kirkwood alum, Dubié thinks of her footwear designs as a second skin. Agustina Dubié believes in more than just aesthetics. Upon bringing her eponymous footwear label into existence, she had one sole quest: to construct a core collection that was smart, practical, and so comfortable. Each collection is a synthesis of the chaotic street culture in hometown Buenos Aires, offering a contemporary take on shoe craftsmanship by championing quality and tradition while remaining innovative and challenging the conventional.

A minimalist designer by trade, Dubié aims to create shoes that only incorporate elements that are active, functional, and essential. Dubié shoes are made to move and thus are worn as if its an extension of the body, almost like a sock. Hand made in Argentina, all Dubié shoes are crafted and sourced locally with materials that are responsibly tanned and have a 96% traceability, while also avoiding the use of plastic or petrol produced resources. Dubié does not believe in seasons but in styles destined to be loved and worn till exhaustion, from day to night. Key styles in the collection include mid-height wedge and flip flops, heeled clogs, ballet flats, flat boots, all ergonomically designed to mold to the curvatures of your feet.